Do you feel discouraged, deceived, or depressed?

Do you worry that you’ll never overcome the challenges and heartaches in your life?

Do you struggle to forgive yourself and those who hurt you?

I understand. I experienced those same feelings and struggles. However, I moved from broken to beautiful, and you can too. Through my blog, the free resources, and my future podcast, my goal is to help you move from broken to beautiful.

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Practical steps and encouragement to help you move from pain, brokenness and defeat to peace, joy, and freedom.

Practical lessons to help you leave destructive patterns of thought and behavior to move forward in your life.

How Do You Hang on to Your Peace?

How do you hang on to your peace? Maybe you wonder if it’s possible to do so.

Friday, my younger brother called to tell me our dad had taken off in his car. Dad has dementia, and the police found him an hour and a half from home and disoriented. Sadly, after Daddy stopped his car, it wouldn’t start. By the time my cousin got there, the police had impounded the car.

Between the impound charge and towing fees, the total was $400. Daddy is in the hospital, but he will be discharged soon. Then we must wait for an opening in assisted living.

A parent with dementia or some other terminal diagnosis can test your serenity. Perhaps you changed jobs, moved into a new home, or sent your high school graduate to college in the fall. This will also make it difficult to hang on to your peace.

Sometimes looking toward heaven and saying one word, Jesus, is all you need to do. The Lord will give you strength and stamina to survive a day at a time.

I often say, “God, you allowed these circumstances. Now get me through them.”

On other occasions, I turn on praise and worship music as I sing along or repeat Psalm 22:3: “But you are holy, O you that inhabits the praises of Israel” (MEV, Modern English Version). I’m not Israel, but I am God’s daughter.

A journal and a pen can also provide you with peace. You may need to get up early, stay up late, or seek refuge behind a locked door in the bathroom for the privacy to journal. I find that as I pour out my heart to God on paper, he gives me peace.

Can you squeeze in a few minutes to ask for prayer from your Sunday school class, Bible study group, or church? What about prayer support from a Christian prayer line or prayer loop? I feel better knowing that someone else is interceding for me.

You may choose any one of those methods or a combination of them to hang on to your peace. God is faithful and will give you peace.

Copyright © by Yvonne Ortega April 17, 2017

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