Do you feel discouraged, deceived, or depressed?

Do you worry that you’ll never overcome the challenges and heartaches in your life?

Do you struggle to forgive yourself and those who hurt you?

I understand. I experienced those same feelings and struggles. However, I moved from broken to beautiful, and you can too. Through my blog, the free resources, and my future podcast, my goal is to help you move from broken to beautiful.


Practical examples and suggestions to help you move from the heartache of grief to the beauty of comfort, peace, and purpose in your new normal.

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Practical steps and encouragement to help you move from pain, brokenness and defeat to peace, joy, and freedom.



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 Practical lessons to help you leave destructive patterns of thought and behavior to move forward in your life.



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When Will Your Rejoicing Come?

Joyful copyMy technology trauma left me wondering if I would ever crawl out of the pit. Maybe you feel that way right now. Your trauma may not be technology. Perhaps it’s a lingering illness, injuries from a car accident or the loss of a job. Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, a strained relationship with grown children or a divorce.

In last week’s blog post, I told you about my computer, printer and cell phone troubles. I tried to focus on the positive in the midst of the challenges, but I went through waves of doubt, worry and fear. A couple of nights I didn’t sleep well, and a few times I lost my appetite. How many times have you experienced similar reactions when you faced a crisis?

I fought to keep the faith through prayer, praise & worship music and promises from the Bible. I didn’t always win the individual battles, but I tried again to win the war. (Click to tweet)

I bought a new laptop and a printer. My tendency is to cling to the old familiar items and be comfortable. How do you feel about change?

Since my Microsoft Office program was five years old, I prayed for the strength of David fighting the Philistine giant as I bought the latest version of Microsoft Office for the Mac. Then I placed a card on my desk that says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear” (New KJV).

With the help of Apple Care, the Apple Store in Norfolk, VA and the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Newport News, VA I’m almost settled. I love the features of my new laptop, the Microsoft Office program and the printer. In retrospect, I look at that hard drive crash as something the devil meant for evil, but God used for good.

Psalm 30:5 describes my experience the past two weeks, “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (NIV). That passage didn’t tell me how many nights and which morning. However, rejoicing has come for me, and I pray it soon will for you too.

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Seek Me and Find Me

Last Import - 41

Jeremiah 29:13: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I chuckled when I read an email from Barnes & Noble on January 3. It listed three diet books for the New Year at 20% or more off. On the news on TV, one of the newscasters talked… Continue Reading

I Cry to You, O LORD

Grieving woman

Psalm 130:1: “Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD.” Newtown, Connecticut. These two words bring scenes of horror and heartache to us. How could something so tragic occur in an elementary school? Why did it happen? How can we prevent a mentally ill or an emotionally disturbed person from committing acts of… Continue Reading

Interview of Shirley Corder, Author of Strength Renewed

YVONNE: When were you diagnosed with breast cancer? SHIRL: November, 1997. Fifteen years ago. YVONNE: How did you react to the diagnosis? SHIRL: I was stunned. Although I knew in my heart it was true—after all, I’d seen it myself on the ultra-sound—I kept feeling it was some ghastly mistake and when the surgeon operated… Continue Reading

The Trouble He Causes—When Someone Has Hurt You

Psalm 7:16: “The trouble he causes recoils on himself; his violence comes down on his own head.” Since I am a licensed professional counselor, people often tell me about someone who has treated them or a loved one in a shameful or violent manner. They often can’t understand how someone can continue to behave that… Continue Reading