Do you feel discouraged, deceived, or depressed?

Do you worry that you’ll never overcome the challenges and heartaches in your life?

Do you struggle to forgive yourself and those who hurt you?

I understand. I experienced those same feelings and struggles. However, I moved from broken to beautiful, and you can too. Through my blog, the free resources, and my future podcast, my goal is to help you move from broken to beautiful.


Practical examples and suggestions to help you move from the heartache of grief to the beauty of comfort, peace, and purpose in your new normal.

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Practical steps and encouragement to help you move from pain, brokenness and defeat to peace, joy, and freedom.



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When a Glimmer of Hope Appears

Glimmer of HopeThis morning I sensed a nudge to look online for the maker of a program I lost when the hard drive crashed. I found the company and did a live chat with one of the representatives. Five years of wonderful memories were on that program. Have you experienced that type of loss or some other one?

If you have, you understand the fear and anguish I felt. If you haven’t, I hope you never do. I delayed contacting the maker of the program for three weeks because I didn’t want to hear, “I’m sorry, ma’am. Your data is gone.” Meanwhile I worried that everything did vanish since I couldn’t get into the program.

During the live chat, the representative and I shared the screen. The moment he clicked on a document that looked like it could be the missing data, a glimmer of hope appeared.

Perhaps you didn’t lose data on a program, but you lost a friend or misplaced scrapbooks filled with precious memories and mementos.

That live chat became the highlight of my day. The technician found all the data and walked me through an update of the program. If we had spoken on the phone, the technician would have heard me shout for joy. To express my excitement on the live chat, I used capital letters and exclamation points. What would you have done?

God heard my prayers over the past three weeks, and the Bible verse that I claimed was Psalm 37:5, “Commit your way to the LORD.”

Have a wonderful week, commit your way to the Lord and look for a glimmer of hope. For free resources, click on this link,

Copyright © by Yvonne Ortega April 25, 2016.

When Mother’s Day Isn’t a Happy One

Do you cringe when you see TV commercials that remind the viewers to buy their mother flowers, chocolates, or jewelry for Mother’s Day? Do you avoid a church service on Mother’s Day because you don’t want to hear people say, “Happy Mother’s Day” to dozens of women or watch as the pastor asks the mothers… Continue Reading

I Cry to You, O LORD

Grieving woman

Psalm 130:1: “Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD.” Newtown, Connecticut. These two words bring scenes of horror and heartache to us. How could something so tragic occur in an elementary school? Why did it happen? How can we prevent a mentally ill or an emotionally disturbed person from committing acts of… Continue Reading

What Have You Done?

1 Samuel 13:11: “‘What have you done?’ asked Samuel.” The Israelites sensed danger when they attacked the Philistines and hid in caves and thickets, among the rocks, and in pits and cisterns” (verse 6). Meanwhile “all the troops with [Saul] were quaking with fear.” I’ve been terrified myself at times, and you probably have too.… Continue Reading