Do you feel discouraged, deceived, or depressed?

Do you worry that you’ll never overcome the challenges and heartaches in your life?

Do you struggle to forgive yourself and those who hurt you?

I understand. I experienced those same feelings and struggles. However, I moved from broken to beautiful, and you can too. Through my blog, the free resources, and my future podcast, my goal is to help you move from broken to beautiful.

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Practical steps and encouragement to help you move from pain, brokenness and defeat to peace, joy, and freedom.

Practical lessons to help you leave destructive patterns of thought and behavior to move forward in your life.

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What Motivates You to Tell God How Things Should Turn Out?

What motivates you to tell God how things should turn out? How often has he asked for your advice? How often did he listen to you?

I’ve told God several times over the years how things should turn out. He never asked for my advice. I guess that’s because he’s God, and he didn’t need it. He didn’t listen to me either. As I look back, I see that his plan was different than mine. It also turned out better than any of my plans could ever have.

When you tell God how things should turn out, do you realize your attempt to control a situation motivates you? Perhaps your fear of the future motivates you to control God. I admit fear of the future drove me to do that more than once.

Maybe your anger, bitterness, and resentment toward someone motivate you to tell God how things should turn out. I told God how he should seek vengeance against my ex-husband. I also told God to hurry and do it, so I could still be alive and see it. Don’t expect God to give in to your unforgiving spirit. He will repay in his time, not yours. Now, I can look back and thank God, he didn’t listen to me.

Sometimes sadness or depression motivates you to tell God you want to die or you want him to take you home to heaven. After my only child passed away, in my grief, I wanted to join him in heaven. However, God led me to Psalm 139:16b. It says, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

The next time you feel motivated to tell God how things should turn out, ask God what his plan is and listen for his answer.

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I Shook My Fist in the Face of God

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Do You Know Someone Has Drawn You with Unfailing Kindness?

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