Globe with peopleCLASSEMINARS, Inc. is not a new organization.  Founded over 30 years ago by Florence Littauer, CLASS has trained many of the top Christian speakers in the world.

But CLASS has a new look, a new format. Under the leadership of Gerry Wakeland, CLASS has revamped its programming to bring participants even more personalized instruction to meet their needs. Here are a few things people are asking about the new CLASS programming.

 What’s the difference between the CLASS seminar ten years ago and now?

CLASS began as a one-time meeting to help a few speakers in California improve and communicate more clearly. That one meeting was such a success that those who attended wanted more.

The original CLASS seminar format included many hours of instruction and an hour or two of small group practice each of the three days . The participants were given prompts to develop personal messages on the spot. The seminar was focused on speaking with a small amount of writing and marketing.

CLASS has been redesigned to meet the needs of speakers today. Exercises are done using the attendee’s own message. Mornings are still filled with valuable instruction but afternoons are spent in coaching sessions with a CLASS professional.

Attendees receive specific help with their methods, presentation, and content. They also learn how to adapt their messages for specific audiences.

The third day of instruction includes a half-day session on writing and a half-day session on marketing equipping attendees to multiply their messages through the many means of communication available today.

 You say the seminar is personalized. How can you do that?

The mornings are used for instruction. After a networking lunch, attendees break into smaller groups for the afternoon. This allows for personal instruction and individual coaching. Attendees use their own material so the coach is helping them improve the messages that they are preparing to present to audiences.

I attended CLASS and it helped me launch my speaking career. Do I really need to come back for a “refresher” course?

You may remember much of the instruction you received when you attended CLASS. But the current seminar offers updated instruction utilizing more technology and current trends. The refresher would be great on the material.

But another great benefit is the new coaching format. You will receive personal coaching using a message you would like help with. You will also benefit from listening to others present their messages and participating in a group critique. No matter what your level of speaking, you will benefit from this tremendous opportunity to take YOUR speaking and presentation to the next level.

Can I bring my friends? 

Absolutely! CLASS welcomes all who are serious about communicating the message God has given them with clarity and purpose. If you have six or more friends who would like to come, be sure to call for the group rate and save BIG!

How can I learn more about CLASS?

Information is on the CLASS website If you are in the southeast (or would like to visit the southeast) there is a seminar in Spartanburg, SC April 8-10. You can register on the website. Don’t wait too long! Materials have to be printed and professional trainers have to be flown in and we can’t wait until the last minute to do that! So register today! You can do that on the website. Questions? Email us at or call 702.882.0638.

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