Family at home with peace and joy

How Do You Benefit When You Promote Peace at Home?

How do you benefit when you promote peace at home? When you insist that family members not scream, not curse, nor roll their eyes in disgust at one another, you promote not only peace at home but also respect for one another.

When you set a standard of no name calling, no belittling, and no sarcasm, you promote not only peace but also self-confidence, dignity, and encouragement. You teach your family members to communicate, to listen, and to support one another.

Proverbs 12:20b (NIV) says, “Those who promote peace have joy.” Imagine a home with adults and children who have joy. When you promote peace, you seek the good of your family members. That gives you joy. Your family members have joy because they live in a peaceful, loving environment.

In the English Standard Version, Proverbs 12:20b says, “Those who plan peace have joy.” As an adult, make plans to have peace and joy in your home. If you’re single or a newly-wed, make plans for how your family life will look, how you will resolve conflict, and how your life will change after you have children. Plans may change somewhat along the way, and surprises may come along. However, overall, you still have made plans for peace and will have joy.

Maybe your children are older or have already moved out of the home. You can still promote a relationship of peace with them and have joy. Plan peaceful family get-togethers and reunions, and you will have joy.

That joy will be contentment, confidence, and hope. You will feel joy deep within you that doesn’t come and go like the rain. That’s a wonderful gift to give yourself and your family.

When you promote peace at home, your family members take that spirit of peace with them to school, to work, in the community, and to the church. You do too.

I encourage you to plan one specific thing you will do this week to promote peace in your home and have joy.

Prayer: Dear God, show me what I can do to promote peace in my home and have joy. Amen.

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