The 30 Day Praise Challenge1. Give us the background behind The 30 Day Praise Challenge. Why did you write it?

When I intentionally began praising God every day, I began to experience my own personal revival. Over the course of 13 years, as I continued, I fell in love with Jesus all over again. God began to give me a vision for what could happen around the world as believers became intentional about praising Him. I believe that as we intentionally praise God the Holy Spirit will bring revival!

2. How would you define praise? How is it different than regular praying?

Praise is not a glib response when life’s circumstances are going well. Praising God is an intentional act of faith that affirms our trust in God, even when life is not going well. As we praise Him, our souls are transformed.

3. Why is it that you believe that praising God is one of the single greatest components of our spiritual transformation?

God designed us with a need to worship, praise and adore. When we praise God, our focus shifts. Our eyes are lifted off ourselves, and our problems, and onto His majesty and glory. In the process, we are changed because we become like the thing or person we worship (Psalm 115:4-8).

4. What is the greatest change you’ve experienced personally?

The single greatest change I experienced was my ability to feel loved by God. Before I became intentional about praising God, I knew God loved me in my head but I could never quite feel it in my heart. As I began to intentionally praise Him for His love, I began to experience His love at a much deeper level.

5. Isn’t it hypocritical to praise God when your circumstances are dark and you are walking through trials?

No! It’s not hypocritical. It’s an authentic act of faith.

Thank you so much, Becky, for this interview. May God bring personal revival to each of us who praises him and may we experience his love at a deeper level than we ever imagined possible.

Becky Harling jpg Authentic. Passionate. Humorous. Insightful. Becky Harling is a gifted Bible teacher whose love for the Lord and compassionate spirit inspire women to draw closer to God and to one another.
Becky’s life experience as a pastor’s wife, mother of four, “Mimi” to four grandbabies, Women’s Ministry Director, and survivor of breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse, bring depth and realism to her message.

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