Peaceful Christmas? Are you kidding? Is that possible? You may shake your head and think I’ve lost touch with reality. I assure you I have not.

After the loss of my mother and my only child, I thought the words, peaceful and Christmas, couldn’t go together.

If you’ve lost a job, your home, or your car, you’re worried about how you can pay your bills, where you’ll live, and how you’ll get around. With a prodigal child in the family, you may hear that child’s conversations about the foolishness of faith and the hypocrites in the church. A peaceful Christmas seems like an oxymoron.

What happened after the loss of my mother and my only child to make me believe that a peaceful Christmas is possible?

A friend challenged me to read the Bible in a year. Somehow the word peace popped up more times than I could count. I found Psalm 29:11b: “The Lord gives his people peace.” As a Christian, I fell under the category of “his people.”  As a believer, so do you.

Persistent Prayer

Since God promised me peace, I would ask for it daily and more than once a day. I asked like the persistent widow in the parable in Luke 18:1–8. She asked for justice until the judge gave it to her. How many times will you ask God for peace?

Repetition of the Promise Out Loud

If I felt fearful, angry, or sad, I would repeat Psalm 29:11b out loud until I sensed God’s peace. How often will you repeat Psalm 29:11b out loud for a peaceful Christmas?

Posting the Promise

I wrote that Bible verse on 3×5 cards to post on the bathroom mirror, the kitchen cupboard, my file cabinet, my desk, the dash of the car, and my desk at work. They served as a constant reminder of God’s promise. Where can you post Psalm 29:11b?

God answered my prayers for a peaceful Christmas, and he’ll answer yours too.

Psalm 29:11b: “The Lord gives his people peace.”

Prayer: God, help me seek a peaceful Christmas. Amen.

Which one of the three ways will you apply this week?

Copyright © by Yvonne Ortega XII.XI.MMXVII

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