Speaker Coaching

Attention: Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors and Leaders

Jumpstart your speaking success and grow your business.

Speaking has become a necessity in business and leadership.

Learn how to apply proven techniques to captivate any audience.

You will take away ideas for immediate application to any presentation you create!
  • Eliminate a weak opening and replace it with a dynamic one.
  • Replace confusing content with clear, compelling content.
  • Avoid delivery mistakes and speak with power, passion and polish.

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Yvonne Ortega
Get coached by a Certified World Class Speaking Coach

Why Get Coached as a Speaker?

Did you know that over 90% of what makes up an effective speaker are LEARNABLE skills? That means you too can become a great speaker … if you are coachable and willing to add tools to your speaking toolkit.

Every successful person had coaches along the way. Look at professional athletes, famous musicians, and powerful leaders. In this program you will:

  • Pick up invaluable tools to sharpen your speaking skills.
  • Discover proven, practical techniques that are often overlooked, yet used by the best speakers.
  • Gain more confidence.
  • Receive personalized feedback on how to make your message even more powerful.
  • Learn more in one session than any book or CD will give you.
  • Uncover your own humor.
  • Learn the keys to selling your message without sounding “salesy.”
  • Discover platform secrets of world class speakers.

“I had the honor of attending a public speaking workshop where Yvonne was a presenter/facilitator. Who knew that so much speaking knowledge and power could be housed in such a petite package? Yvonne’s style is genteel; but her impact is undeniable. Her coaching was able to provide the attendees with techniques that would immediately transform the novice speakers into speakers with more professionalism and polish. As a facilitator, coach or presenter, Yvonne does not disappoint!”
~Wendy Smith, CP
Certified Paralegal
Administrative Consultant

“Yvonne’s presentation on public speaking was extremely valuable for our organization. Her energy and passion are incredible, and she captures the crowd from the moment she walks on stage! As a marketing consultant, educator, and leader for our non-profit organization, I am presenting to large crowds on a regular basis. After Yvonne’s presentation, I now have a clear understanding of how to lay my presentations out, and how to engage my audience better. Thank you for sharing your talents with us Yvonne!”
~ Courtney Buzzell
Proximo Marketing Strategies LLC, owner/consultant
Peninsula Women’s Network, president elect/ programs chair 

Individual Speaker Coaching


Sign up for individual speaker coaching in person where you come to Virginia or else sign up for individual speaker coaching online.



Sign up for individual speaker coaching in person where you come to Virginia or else sign up for individual speaker coaching online.

Investment of $150 an hour. Discount of 20% if paid in full for six sessions prior to the first session. Instead of $900, you pay $720. That’s a savings of $180.


World Class Speaking: The Ultimate Guide to Presenting, Marketing and Profiting Like a Champion
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