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Yvonne’s Speaking Topics in English or Spanish

Moving from Broken to Beautiful®

In an imperfect world with imperfect people, we suffer setbacks, sickness, and heartaches. Yvonne uses personal examples and the truth of the Bible to help women:

  • Exchange their shattered dreams for the promises of God.
  • Replace sadness and sorrow with God’s joy.
  • Live each day as a gift.

Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness

Since we don’t have alligator skin and a heart of stone, people will hurt us especially those closest to us. We also make mistakes in life and hurt others. Yvonne uses personal anecdotes and the timeless truths of God to help women:

  • Trade shame and guilt for God’s grace to forgive themselves.
  • Overcome anger and bitterness and with God’s power forgive others.
  • Break free from the prison of the past and gain the freedom of forgiveness.

Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief

Through Yvonne’s transparent stories of personal losses and God’s Word, your audience will discover how to:

  • Exchange withdrawal, loneliness, and aloneness for God’s comfort.
  • Replace the turmoil of grief with God’s peace.
  • Live with purpose in your new normal.

Speak with Power, Passion and Polish

If you fear speaking in public, you’re not alone! Gain confidence and tips from Yvonne’s personal examples and a professional model to:

  • Eliminate a weak opening and replace it with a dynamic one.
  • Replace confusing content with clear and compelling content.
  • Avoid delivery mistakes and present with power and passion.

Note: Each bullet point for Speak with Power is a 30-60-minute presentation.

Stand Firm

This presentation is a wonderful conclusion to a weekend retreat and allows time for the women to give testimonies of what God has spoken to them over the weekend. Always leading women back to God’s Word, Yvonne challenges women to:

  • Depart from the mountaintop and live in the valley.
  • Evaluate how they give to the Lord’s work at home and elsewhere.
  • Switch their focus from earthly rewards to heavenly ones.

Christmas: Get off the Emotional Roller Coaster and Celebrate Christ’s Birthday

Expectations and excesses can cause us to ignore the meaning of Christmas. Yvonne will encourage women to:

  • Overcome their unrealistic expectations of others.
  • Stop striving to be Wonder Woman in Disney World.
  • Embrace the Christ of Christmas.

Yvonne can present any combination of the above topics of your choosing as a weekend retreat or conference package.

Contact Yvonne via email at yvonneortega9@gmail.com or through her Contact Page

If you want to see Yvonne’s general market topics, please go to www.yvonneortega.net




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Speaking Testimonials

“Yvonne stands tall giving her testimony and bows on her knees in reverence to the Redeemer of her life. Her story teaches and touches the hearts and souls of her audiences. As a speaker, Christian-focused communicator, and teacher, Yvonne is a gift to the listeners and readers. She turns a talk into a meaningful event. This leader shines with the Light of the Lord when sharing her insights, encouragement, and hope. Her joy is contagious.”

Carolyn K. Knefely
Christian Communicators, Co-director
Go with Vision, Co-director
TeaCup Living, Founder

“Yvonne Ortega delivers a passionate message of deliverance and forgiveness. Her journey through divorce, breast cancer, and the death of a child have strengthened her faith and resolve in a way that will encourage and motivate you to stand up and shout for Christ.”

Sherry Boykin
Adjunct Faculty, Baptist Bible College and Seminary
Clarks Summit, PA

“As a survivor of breast cancer and domestic abuse, Licensed Counselor Yvonne Ortega understands the deep heartaches of life. But when she stands to speak,you see a beautiful spokesperson, not a broken victim. Her powerful messages of hope and healing are filled with the truths of God’s Word skillfully delivered with transparency, practical application, and a dash of humor.”

Vonda Skelton
Speaker & Author of Seeing Through the Lies: Unmasking the Myths Women Believe
Founder, Christian Communicators Conference

“Yvonne Ortega is a lady of passion and commitment, who relates to her audiences at a deep and meaningful level. I was honored to share a speaking platform with her and hope to again in the future.”

Kathi Macias Author & Speaker

“Yvonne Ortega is an amazing example of God’s love. She never ceases to amaze me with her words of wisdom and encouragement. We have personally been blessed by having her speak at our women’s events and look forward to hearing her again at our upcoming retreat. When she speaks, it is as though the Holy Spirit is speaking through her. It is amazing to see her transform. It is truly of God’s doing and even she will testify, it is God and not Yvonne, she hopes that others see. There is no mistaking how God is using this woman. Her testimony alone would send many running the other way. Yet, she shows grace, honor, humility and joy in the midst of what she has endured. She boldly goes not leaving out even the darkest of places where most fear—our prisons.”

Katherine Pope
Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Seaford Baptist Church

“Yvonne is truly an inspiration to many. I have never met anyone who can speak like she can, sharing God’s grace and the love He has for us. There is no questioning what He was trying to tell us through her. That message came through loud and clear with the perfect blend of His leading and Yvonne’s delivery. She blends the seriousness and the purpose and even adds a dose of comic relief.”

Linda Taylor
Team Leader Kairos Prison Ministry #29

“What an awesome, powerful and inspiring message on how God takes our lives and makes them whole, and how very much He loves every one of us. The young women from My Sister’s House attending the meeting were very moved by the message as it gave them hope. They are interested in continuing to know more about God.”

Bonnie L. Alford, Chair
Rocky Mount, NC Christian Women’s Connection

“Thank you so much for your inspirational presentation on your experiences with cancer. The audience was clearly moved and found your information and insight extremely helpful. Raising awareness of the impact of cancer on people and how people can thrive as they strive to survive is a worthy cause. Your presentations will help so many people with cancer and those who work with them. I highly recommend your presentation to professional and community groups. It was the most inspirational presentation I have ever seen.”

Pamela T. Rambo, Ed. D
Rambo Research and Consulting LLC

Yvonne Ortega spoke to the After Five Women’s Connection on February 21, 2011 and showed the love of our Lord and Savior and His great provision in her testimony. She was so uplifting in how she explained how the Lord carried her through the trials of life and made her stronger in His love. She was funny, clear and inspiring. Her clear message of how each of us can have salvation was wonderful. I would recommend any group that wants the word spoken through a healed life to have Yvonne speak for them. We look forward to having her come again to our area.

Theresa Young, Chair
After Five Women’s Connection
Virginia Beach, VA

Tuvimos el gusto de tener a Yvonne Ortega en nuestro retiro de mujeres en las montañas de Idyllwild CA. Yvonne nos compartió su testimonio y la palabra en español. Más que nada, compartió de su corazón, y fuimos bendecidas por ello. Una mujer que apenas habia perdido su único hijo una semana anterior nos acompañó. Yvonne pudo ministrarla y de todas nosotras, sólo ella sabía que se sentía haber perdido su único hijo. Fue de mucha bendición tenerla con nosotras.

Eva Nuñez
Spanish Ministry
Olive Grove Church
Nuevo, CA

Yvonne, thank you for the great job you did speaking to our Women Of Value in Every Nation (WOVEN) luncheon this week. Not only is your story fascinating (truly a movie should be made of your life!) but you tell it in a way that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. I am honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to introduce you to the women of WOVEN. As you were able to weave your story and influence into our lives, we can in turn do the same for others. As our mission statement says, you are “fulfilling your destiny of greatness” and helping others do the same. Thanks again for speaking into our lives.

Renee Cobb
Founder of WOVEN (Women of Value in Every Nation)
Richmond, VA

Please accept this note of thanks and appreciation for your presentation this month to the Women’s Ministry of Zion Prospect Baptist Church in Yorktown, Virginia. Your topic of “Four Steps on the Road to Freedom” was well received and very timely considering all that we endeavor as godly women. You affirmed that we are women of value when we face our realities, acknowledge our boundaries, are involved with all stages of our growth and most importantly, embrace God’s power. Sharing your life story with us has inspired us to be vessels that God can use in any situation. You engaged every woman and young lady – absolutely wonderful presentation. We look forward to future opportunities to grow with you. Thank you ever so much for visiting our church and sharing the Good News through your outstanding presentation.

Mega Blessings
Rev. Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny
Zion Prospect Baptist Church
Women’s Ministry Leader