Stained Glass Depicting Jesus Christ Psalm 34:22: “The LORD redeems his servants; no one will be condemned who takes refuge in him.”

“I can’t believe I was unfaithful to my wonderful wife,” Jim told me. He stared at the floor and said, “You probably don’t believe me, but I love her.”

I assured Jim that more than one man had made a similar confession to me. The important point was not whether I believed him. It was to be right with God.

The shame and guilt overwhelmed Jim. He wanted “to settle things” with God and his wife.

I reached for the Bible on my desk and opened it to Psalm 34:22. I told Jim Jesus Christ could redeem him. By his death on the cross, Jesus paid the price for his sins and mine. Jesus redeemed us “from all wickedness” (Titus 2:14) and “from the empty way of life” (1 Peter 1:18).

Jim didn’t have to try to earn redemption from God. He didn’t have to hide from the Lord because of sin in his life. He didn’t have to pretend to be perfect. He could take refuge in Jesus Christ.

Afterwards Jim and I also talked about when and how he was going to confess to his wife and ask for her forgiveness.

We don’t need to be condemned either. We can go to the Lord for redemption and take refuge in him.

Dear God, thank you for the gift of redemption. Amen.

Application: When will you take refuge in the Lord?

Copyright © by Yvonne Ortega July 15, 2013

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