Moving from Broken to Beautiful Testimonials


“Being true to ourselves is sometimes one of the more difficult challenges in life. This easy to read, interactive book helps open our hearts and minds to truths we may have overlooked and helps propel us to a place of wholeness.”

Dr. Thelma Wells (Mama T), CEO, That A Girl and Friends Speakers Agency and That A Girl Enrichment Tours

Author and Speaker


“You will laugh, and you will cry as you read Moving from Broken to Beautiful. Yvonne Ortega will become your friend as you discover you’re not alone in your life journey. Her honesty, transparency, humor, and uplifting message will fill you with hope that you too can overcome life’s challenges and live a full life.”

Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

2005 Recipient of Cavett Award

Author, The Art of the Fresh Start


Moving from Broken to Beautiful is a must read for ANYONE who is hurting—has ever been hurt—or knows someone who has. I read it non-stop cover-to-cover! This book and Yvonne’s sage professional advice, personal stories, and loving suggestions will serve all who read it. It offers a genuine sense of hope with action steps and journaling areas for self-processing and inner healing.”

Sheryl Roush, Author, Heart of a Woman and Heart of a Mother

CEO, Sparkle Presentations, Inc.


“I highly recommend Yvonne’s book for those seeking strength and comfort and the wisdom to get through their life challenges. You’ll be amazed at her story. You’ll see how she has been through overwhelming obstacles in her life and come out kicking. Yvonne is the perfect person to help you get through the fear and come out strong, because she has been there and done it herself. You’ll love her fresh honesty and eagerness to live life on her terms. I think everyone should read this book. My life is better because I know Yvonne. Do yourself a favor and get to know her too.”

Kelly Swanson 
Motivational Speaker, Comedienne


“In one small but powerful package, Moving from Broken to Beautiful combines the wisdom of an older sister, the straight talk of a counselor, and the unconditional love of a longtime best friend. Author, speaker, and licensed professional counselor Yvonne Ortega has the professional credentials and personal experience to speak into readers’ lives with grace, humor, and genuine caring. Take time to process and interact with each of the book’s nine life lessons, and you’ll find yourself leaving destructive patterns of thought and behavior as you move toward a life set free by truth. Excellent read!”

Marti Pieper, Author, Collaborative Writer, Editor


Moving From Broken to Beautiful will bring life back to the lifeless, direction to the lost, and beauty to the broken. Read this magnificent book and usher in your healing.”

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed., Author, Conquer Fear


“The careful reader of this celebration of real life will see that surviving domestic violence, divorce, death of an only child, and breast cancer are not prerequisites for moving from broken to beautiful, but simply living in a fallen world is. She will find herself lifted up from those universal dark corners in which we’ve all been stuck, with courage to find that better place God has designed for her. With the honesty and transparency we have come to expect from Yvonne Ortega, she uses her real-life narrative to give her readers permission to say, “Ouch” when they are struck, to cry when they hurt, and to reach up when they feel least like doing so.”

Sherry Boykin, Author, Tired of Squeezing a Size 12 “But” into a Size 5 Faith?


“As a Stephen Minister, Leader and trainer, I love the lessons, affirmations and scriptural references in Yvonne Ortega’s new book. I use this book as I work with people who are suffering and I highly recommend it to other Stephen Ministers. Thank you, Yvonne, for this wonderful guide for the broken as they move forward in their beautiful lives.”

Pam Rambo, Ed.D. Rambo Research and Consulting


“In Moving from Broken to Beautiful, Yvonne Ortega has not only provided a guide to healing but has shared her powerful story. As she shares with the readers the lessons learned from her experiences, she also is a companion to the readers as they progress through their own journey. This is a must read for anyone who is facing adversity and ready to travel a path to healing.”

Angela L. Edwards, CEO, Castle Thunder Consulting


“Once I started reading Moving from Broken to Beautiful I could not stop until I had finished reading every page. The author has a genuine love ministry for hurting broken people. Each chapter is flooded with hope for a new life filled with real and permanent success.”

Laura Seibert, President of Tidewater Advanced Toastmasters


“I highly recommend Moving From Broken to Beautiful for every woman who hurts. Whether you are suffering from cancer, abuse or loss, Yvonne gently offers to take your hand as you journey toward hope and healing. Courageously sharing from her own story, Yvonne will inspire you to leave fear behind and step forward in faith. Her authenticity, practicality and sense of humor will delight you!”

Becky Harling, Speaker, Author, Rewriting Your Emotional Script and The 30 Day Praise Challenge


“In Moving from Broken to Beautiful, Yvonne Ortega has outlined a way anyone can reconstruct her life. By sharing painful events and emotions from her experience, Yvonne leads the way to healing. This is an ideal book to be used individually or in a group, so women can help each other become as beautiful as God intended them to be. Let’s walk this path together.”

Debbie Hardy, Author, Free to Be Fabulous: 100 Ways to Look and Feel Younger from 40, 50, and Beyond


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