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“Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

Matthew 18:20-22

Much easier said than done. How do we find the courage and grace to forgive those who have wronged us?

Yvonne Ortega’s book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful Through Forgiveness, is a textbook on this very topic.

Ortega has written a very personal, heartfelt account of her own struggle with unforgiveness. How do you forgive someone who has abused you and your child?  Years and years of financial, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse? Ortega discovered that this comes only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Each chapter is filled with scripture, laced with prayer and supported with facts and quotes that help us understand the effects of unforgiveness. Very real emotional, mental and physical effects that have long-lasting consequences if not dealt with in a positive manner.

The best part is that Ortega’s book gives the reader a plan. Nine steps that, if followed, will take you from broken to beautiful, from victim to victor. It will release you from bondage and set you free. That’s what God wants for each of us. He wants you to experience the freedom that comes only through forgiveness.

If you are struggling with unforgiveness in your life, I encourage you to get this book. Read it, cover to cover, put the plan in place and allow God to do a mighty work in your life.

Gerry Wakeland


“Incredibly relatable! Yvonne’s loving guidance through the process of forgiveness is one of great compassion and genuine support. Reading the pages, her tone is conversational, speaking directly into your heart, encouraging your healing. We have each been through at least one experience or relationship that requires healing. This book lovingly supports that innermost healing. This is a must-read, and a must-share book.”

Sheryl Roush
Speaker, Speaking Coach, 17-time author, including Heart of a Woman


“After reading this work of art, I am convinced that this truly is a letter from God, written through Yvonne. The words felt as if they were written specifically for me, and I found myself sitting in shock, at how her thoughts resonated with my own. The pages brought me to laughter and tears through self-conviction and self- compassion. All I can say is, ‘THANK YOU, YVONNE,’ for persevering through such a journey and allowing God to use you and your testimony to inspire the rest of us. This book is nothing short of life changing. If you’re ready to let go of the anger and grief and to build the life you have been missing out on, this is a must read.

Courtney Buzzell
Owner, Proximo Marketing Strategies LLC
President, Peninsula Women’s Network


“With first-hand knowledge of one who has experienced the pain, horror, and undeserved shame of abuse, gossip, or divorce, Yvonne Ortega understands the destructive power of unforgiveness. It’s a cancer that eats at the heart and crushes the soul of believers and unbelievers alike.

But her advice is more than empty promises offering counterfeit peace by the simple recitation of written words. Instead, the reader is led to a place of transparency before the Father, accepting the double-edged truth that life isn’t fair and revenge never heals. Ortega’s step-by-step process can truly take you from broken to beautiful through the power of forgiveness.”

Vonda Skelton
Speaker and author
Founder and Co-Director of Christian Communicators


“I’ve learned that if you’re holding a grudge, that grudge is also holding you. It’s holding you back from everything you ever could have been and done. Yet Yvonne Ortega’s book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, provides the solution. Through her heartfelt stories and her amazing journey, Yvonne shows how forgiveness leads to true freedom. This is more than a book. It’s a movement.”

Craig Valentine
1999 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking


“Forgiveness is one of the most powerful acts toward personal wholeness that we can experience in our life. It helps heal sickness and disease, heartache and trouble and other burdens and maladies of the spirit. This book is one of the easiest to understand, most progressive and comprehensive books on forgiveness that you can read and tell others about. Digesting this book can dispel the ravages of anger, rage and defeat in your personal and business life and the life of your family as you share these truths with those you love.”

Dr. Thelma Wells (Mama T)
CEO, That A Girl Enrichment Tours and A Woman of God Ministries
Author of 40 books including Don’t Give In, God Wants You To Win!


Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness not only provides powerful messaging for your personal journey of forgiveness, it also opens a pathway of learning for all organizations that are in the process of rebuilding a broken culture. Yvonne’s insight on the importance of repairing trust, ensuring well-being, building respect in relationships are the stepping stones of driving engagement and shaping a positive organizational culture. The one area that is not addressed during culture change that is so desperately needed and Yvonne brought to the forefront is forgiveness. Thank you, Yvonne, for giving me a WOW moment.”

Dawn M. Cacciotti, SPHR HCS SHRM-SCP
Owner, HR Consultant
EngageHRnow – ‘Get them to Great’


“Yvonne Ortega has written a beautiful and touching book on one of life’s most difficult challenges: forgiveness. In Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, Yvonne shares her own story and demonstrates her understanding and compassion. For everyone who needs to forgive someone in their life, this book is a God send.”

Cathy Fyock, CSP
The Book Business Strategist


“In Moving from Broken to Beautifu® l through Forgiveness, author Yvonne Ortega has compiled one of the most complete and easily understood manuals on forgiveness that I’ve ever come across. This is a much-needed book for so many these days, and it certainly ministered to me as I read it. The clear and precise organization of the book lends itself to both individual or group reads. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who struggles with forgiveness issues.”

Kathi Macias
Award-winning author of more than 50 books


“With Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, you will have Yvonne Ortega as your own personal companion through the process of forgiveness. Yvonne’s stories will give you the confidence that you, too, can forgive others and enjoy the peace and freedom that follow! You will understand more fully what forgiveness is not and what it really is. The interactive exercises, affirmations, Scripture readings and prayers will help you more effectively come to grips with forgiveness in your own heart and life.”

Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE
Author of The Art of the Fresh Start
Professional Speaker
Past President of the National Speakers Association


Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, like its author, packs lots of power in a small package. Those who have suffered abuse in any form will love this book, filled with practical steps and encouragement to help readers move from pain, brokenness, and defeat to health, hope, and victory.”

Marti Pieper
Author, Collaborative Writer, Editor


“In Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness, Yvonne Ortega gives you a blueprint to develop your personalized plan to work toward forgiveness. Yvonne serves as your guide and partner in the journey by sharing her stories, affirmations, and scriptural references. This book empowers you to move forward toward a new, successful life.”

Angela L. Edwards, PMP, PCC, PMI-ACP
Castle Thunder Consulting, LLC


“The injured woman who thinks she’s been irreparably damaged will be inspired to follow Yvonne Ortega’s lead to submit to God and to ‘plan a new and better life’ in this box-seat version of Yvonne’s journey through forgiveness. I found myself wondering if she had read my mind or eavesdropped on my personal conversations each time she described her own struggles with pardoning what would be punishable in a court of law. An honest, compelling, and challenging read!”

Sherry Boykin
Author, But-Kickers: Growing Your Faith Bigger Than Your “But!”


“No one shares her heart and life’s testimonies in the same open, funny, yet frank way that Sis Yvonne shares her pathway to forgiveness. Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness gives every reader the insight—if they are ready for it—to really be free of their ‘broken pieces.’ God’s grace shines through in Sis Yvonne’s writings and you know she wants to lead others through this journey and move them from broken to beautiful. Let her take your hand, Dear Reader, I did! Sit back, with a nice cup of herbal tea and just enjoy her words of wisdom.”

Renee West
Executive Director, Legal Shield
Founder, Connecting the Dots Power Group, (Faith-based Marketplace Ministry)


“I love this book. It is thoughtful, inspiring, and a true gift to those who are experiencing feelings of persistent unforgiveness in their own lives. I love Yvonne’s examples, the fact that it is Bible-based and that she offers affirmations, a summary of the main points for each chapter, and a space for keeping notes while reading.”

Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT
Boitnott Coaching, LLC


“This book will make a difference in the lives of the readers. It will be a healing balm for hurting people. The stories, questions, Scriptures, quotes, and prayers are salves for both open wounds and the hurts that have become scars.”

Carolyn Knefely
Co-Director of Christian Communicators


“Reading Yvonne’s book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Forgiveness was like walking on ‘the yellow brick road’ to joy and peace. Needing to forgive or be forgiven is a universal life reality for everyone born into the earth. Yvonne masterfully takes a reader by the hand in friendship and sincerity, and with Godly wisdom shows you that a ‘happily ever after’ is not a fairytale.”

Laura Seibert
Toastmasters International District 66 Division D Director 2015-2016
Speaker, Author of God Is


“The journey from forgiveness to freedom is one that Yvonne Ortega knows well. She shares practical ways to walk through the dark while showing you the light at the end of the tunnel. Yvonne doesn’t pretend it is easy because she has been there. As you release the hold of those who have hurt you, what better person to lead you to what God promises?”

Jeanne Doyon
Pausing to See God Clearly
Writer, Speaker & Teacher

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