Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief Testimonials


Practical examples and suggestions to help you move from the heartache of grief to the beauty of comfort, peace, and purpose in your new normal.


For anyone whose heart is heavy from grief of any kind, you must read this book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief.  Not only has Yvonne Ortega walked where you are walking, she will take your hand and lead you to a place of healing, through the love and the power of Christ. I know because she has helped me.

Babbie Mason

Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Author and TV Talk Show Host


Knowing Yvonne these past forty years, I have witnessed, amidst her suffering and pain, a steadfast, obedient and faithful servant of God.  Out of her deep sorrow and loss has come a life of fulfillment and purpose. Yvonne Ortega’s life story, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, is one I will treasure and recommend to the women I serve. I could not put it down. It came at a time when I needed it most!  

Darlene Barber

Bible Study Fellowship Teaching Leader

Director of Women’s Ministries—Shadow Mountain Community Church


When you are grieving, you do not want to go anywhere, talk to anyone, do anything, or read a book. However, Yvonne Ortega approaches grief with such a sensitive and heartfelt perspective that you want her to reach out and hold your hand. Sharing her personal experience in Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, Yvonne gently assures the reader that though the journey is long and painful, he or she can arrive at a new normal that includes joy and fulfillment and abundant living.

Linda Gilden

Author, Speaker, Writing Coach


As one who is all too familiar with grief, author Yvonne Ortega has penned yet another touching yet practical book about accepting grief and finding beauty in the midst of it. I too have experienced grief and have found the words of this book to be not only true, but healing. If you are struggling with the pain of loss, this book will guide you to a bittersweet place of victory.

Kathi Macias

Award-winning author of more than 50 books

Latest release, A Husband’s Christmas Prayer


With wisdom and insight that can only come through unwanted experience, therapist Yvonne Ortega offers more than a sterile formula for dealing with the death of a loved one. Her heartfelt words and practical tools in Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief provide a soothing balm for those suffering loss. It’s as if Ortega is your best friend—beside you on the couch, arm around your shoulders, tissues in her hands. She knows. She understands. She’s been where you are. 

Vonda Skelton, Author and Speaker

Founder of Christian Communicators Conference


I immersed myself in Yvonne Ortega’s book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, eight weeks after my beloved husband suddenly passed away. Yvonne’s words ring true and gave me hope because she has walked and survived the raw brokenness of grief and pain. Through a well-balanced weaving of her own life’s stories, along with substantiated selection of Scriptures, Yvonne created the perfect mix for guiding the readers into their beautiful future. This book is the essential healing oil for any person walking a journey of grief or brokenness.

Heidi McLaughlin, International Speaker and Author

Restless for More, Beauty Unleashed and Sand to Pearls


Yvonne Ortega has done it again with her beautifully written, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief. This is Yvonne’s fourth book in her Moving from Broken to Beautiful® series, and is perhaps her most powerful. 

You feel Yvonne’s arms wrap around you as she shares the details of her painful journey, providing wisdom and encouragement to her readers. What I love best are the practical and actionable ideas she provides for someone moving through grief. 

At the end of each chapter, Yvonne offers Activities, Affirmations, Reading and Prayer, Music, and Journal suggestions to help the reader take action and move forward. 

This book will be the perfect gift for any friend who is moving through grief. Highly recommended.

Cathy Fyock, The Business Book Strategist and Author 



Raw. Real. Relentless. Recovery. Such is author Yvonne Ortega’s dialogue with us on her healing grief journey in her latest release: Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief. This skillfully crafted resource offers handles for emotions and titles for those who attempt to join the grieving to process their pain. I was widowed at a tender age and learned much from people’s often futile efforts to enter my loss. Ortega’s term, “Wound Salters,” helped me to process the comments of those who don’t know what to say and think they should speak. Also helpful was the term “Comforting Angels,” as she describes those who listened to God’s instructions for how to help Ortega navigate through the swamp of the loss of her only child. With bravery, Ortega says, “Regardless of the cause of his death, I still lost my only child, and I’ll never be a grandparent. My life took a different path than what I expected when Brian was first born. If you lost a loved one, your path has changed too. How do you cope? How do you live the ‘new normal’ when you don’t want it? You want your loved one back. How do you fight against and survive the new normal?” This heartfelt wisdom, thought-provoking journal entries and sound Biblical wisdom are freely offered through this practical, genuine book. Buy one for yourself and several more to keep in your office to give away and offer hope and healing to those who are grieving. 

Sheryl Giesbrecht, Author, Speaker, International Radio and TV personality, Global Influencer


Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief is a must-have resource, for yourself and to gift others in their times of need. Yvonne writes with such compassion, and from personal and professional experiences, she knows what she’s talking about, and has done what she’s suggesting. I related to this at the heart level, having lost cousins, an uncle and aunt, my business advisor, brother, father and mother, all within a short span of time. Anyone reading this book will feel genuinely comforted.

Sheryl Roush, Speaker, Author, Heart of a Mother


Yvonne Ortega’s book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, gives the readers the needed perspective, examples and helps to show them how to move through their journey of grief to healing.

Linda Shepherd

Founder and President of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA)

Latest Release: Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles: Living Empowered by the Armor of God


If you feel like there is no way back from sorrow and pain, read Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief with an open heart and you’ll discover that God’s power is made perfect in your weakness. Ortega’s ability to weave the timeless Scriptures in with her powerful and relatable testimony is a combination that will prove vital for those who want to experience the joy of Christ in suffering.

Rev. Michael Howard

Seaford Baptist Church


Sometimes our world gets shattered, and we don’t even know where to begin picking up the pieces. Sometimes we may not even want to go through the grieving process. However, what if I told you that you could find peace on the other side of this pain? What if you could find purpose from the pain? What if you could even find promise? Would you go on that journey? If so, this is the book for you. In Moving from Broken to Beautiful Through Grief, Yvonne Ortega shows you how to not only pick up the pieces, but to build a whole new beautiful life. Believe me, it will be worth it.

Craig Valentine

1999 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking

Author, World Class Speaking


The gift of the “wounded healer” is offered by Yvonne Ortega as she companions her readers in Moving from Broken to Beautiful Through Grief. Ms. Ortega not only poignantly reveals her own experience in this journey from devastation and loss to finally a move toward integration and healing, but she also skillfully employs both her clinical awareness of the grieving process and her Christian beliefs to add a foundation to the process. It is said that “none of us get out of this alive” and thus we all experience loss and grief. Grief as a part of life is a relational experience. Ms. Ortega’s latest book provides a comforting support for those who are currently in the disturbance of acute grief and an excellent guide to those who are at this point in the position of comforter and friend.

Carolyn Griffith

Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Director

Touchstones Counseling


Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief is the fourth book in Yvonne Ortega’s series, Moving from Broken to Beautiful®. It is another masterful expression of personal insight and experience. This work is a generously transparent journey of how the author moved from the brokenness of her own loss to the beautiful wholeness and resurrection life found in the Holy Scriptures.

Laura Seibert, ACG, ALB

District 66 Division D Director 2015-2016, Toastmasters International


In her latest book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, Yvonne Ortega walks her readers through the valley of the shadow of death. She knows from hard-won experience that it doesn’t work to try and bottle up grief nor to ignore the emotions that at times threaten to overwhelm. Her book is full of helpful examples and suggestions on how to deal with the various painful steps in the grief journey.

Each chapter includes suggested activities, affirmations, Scripture readings, a prayer and music you can listen to. At the end of the book there are three appendices offering further affirmations, Scriptures, etc.

This is not just a book to be read. It is a workbook which will help you deal, in practical ways, with the emotions and physical turmoil which caused you to seek after such a resource.

Grief is a part of life, and Yvonne’s book offers great suggestions on how to get through those difficult seasons in our lives.

Shirley Corder, Speaker, Author,

Strength Renewed: Meditations for Your Journey through Cancer


When I was twelve years old, I lost my father to heart failure. I loved, loved, loved Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief. As I read it, I wanted to yell “YES!” with each thoughtful chapter. Ortega is so raw and honest. Her thought process is clean and easy to follow. It gets to the point without going on and on. The readers will love the practical applications at the end of each chapter. They are the nuts and bolts of how to deal with one’s new life. So often we attend Bible studies, read books and speak to others who are loaded with advice without practical application. This book gives the readers not only relevant stories to draw them in, but also the application which can help them when they have no idea what to do. In grief, we need the gentle hand of one who has gone before us to encourage us to do what may be obvious to others, but through the eyes of grief, it is too hard to see. Yvonne becomes the spectacles, which clarify the way forward. She gently encourages the readers to face their grief. She gives them permission to move forward as needed. We each have “our own way,” and her respect and love shine forth in the written word.

Liz Hedger, Rodan and Fields

Bereaved daughter  


With her personal, relaxed approach Yvonne takes the pain and grief of loss and makes wholeness seem attainable. As a Joy Restoration© and grief coach, I frequently seek books to help my clients navigate the troubled waters of their grief and loss. Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief Is moving to the top of my list of “must reads” for my clients.

Wendy Mueller, Certified Christian Life Coach and Joy Restoration© Coach


In Moving from Broken to Beautiful® Through Grief, Yvonne has created a window into the world of grief, while at the same time offering hope through practical step-by-step suggestions. Life goes on even when you don’t want it to, and this book is a good start at finding a “new normal.”

Margaret Sylvia

Bereaved mother


I have lost a loved one, not once, but on multiple occasions. I have journeyed through painful places, angry places and places that I can only imagine hell feels like. The hole that is left behind is one that refuses to be filled, no matter how many people, relationships, or other self-medications you try to shove into it. Yvonne, somehow, has managed to transform her devastating loss into a testimony that walks the reader through each of those places, and into true healing. Her approach is gentle, yet raw and powerful. This is more than just a book you read. It is an experience. It is more like a testimony that serves as a map through the process of healing. It will help you uncover and work through areas you had not been able to before, and in some cases, didn’t even know existed. You will feel comforted that someone else had some of the same feelings you feel ashamed of sometimes, but you see now are just a part of the process. Thank you, Yvonne, for sharing such a vulnerable experience with this world, so that we can learn to move from broken to beautiful through grief, as you have.

Courtney C. Buzzell
Proximo Marketing Strategies, Owner
Peninsula Women’s Network, President

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