Shame and guilt? Those heavy-duty words can impact your life and someone else’s. Have you ever said or done something you wish you hadn’t? I have and I’ve done it more than once.

If only there were “a do not send” button or a “cancel” button that would prevent the behavior from taking place or the words from coming out.

Since no such button exists, what do you do? Where do you turn when shame and guilt impact your life? I have found comfort in Jeremiah 15:19. In that verse, God says, “If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me.”

Years ago, I said something negative to my son about his father. The look on my son’s face made me realize I could never again say anything against his father to my son. I also admitted my wrongdoing and asked my son for forgiveness.

One more step in the process of repentance took me to God. I confessed my sin to God and claimed God’s precious promise of forgiveness. God removed the shame and guilt and replaced those feelings with his comfort, peace, and presence.

Perhaps you struggle to admit your wrongdoing. It’s okay to admit you’re human, not perfect. God will help you. He doesn’t want you buried in shame and guilt. He doesn’t want shame and guilt to destroy your relationships and build a wall between you and him.

If you don’t understand repentance, let me clarify it. Repentance means Godly sorrow. You aren’t sorry because you got caught. You’re sorry because you did wrong and hurt others.

In repentance, you turn from your wrongdoing and turn to God. That includes a change of mind or purpose, and a change for the better.

When you repent, God will forgive you and restore you. You will serve him again.

Prayer: Dear God, I’m sorry for ___________. I don’t want to destroy my relationship with ___________ or with you. Please restore me that I may serve you. Amen.

When will you get rid of the shame and disgrace in your life?

Copyright © by Yvonne Ortega VIII.VII. MMXVII

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